About Us

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CGI represents approaches to health and healing through the integration of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

What if exercise was more than just physical activity – What if it was a way to transform your life?

At CGI we specialize in Eastern Holistic Health and teach simple, practical, and effective disciplines to attain complete wellness. Our methods develop mastership of the body and mind through tapping into energy meridians. Energy meridians are the means of communication between the body and mind.

The life force of the universe (Chi) has become recognized by many. When it comes to sensing and using Chi, people find this practice to be difficult and mysterious to be equally experienced. However, we all possess the ability to sense energy. Through training methods, practitioners learn to communicate with their bodies by feeling its energy. As practitioners learn to circulate energy, the body’s innate healing power is activated. Through consistent practice, students can also lead themselves back to optimum health.

In addition to our Holistic Health Services, CGI offers a state-of-the-art pool, gym, spas, saunas, energy healing, personal training, massage services and group exercise classes. We combine the best of Western and Eastern approaches to health and fitness at affordable prices.

We hope you will join us in our mission to achieve a world where all people enjoy healthy bodies, happy hearts and peaceful minds.

In Health, Happiness and Peace,

Michelle Moon
General Manager



The mission of CGI Holistic Fitness & Spa is to promote wellness for the people and the community we serve. Through the various holistic training methods and treatments which have been developed over ages, one can experience significant improvements in physical and mental health. Although this Eastern mind and body treatment has proven to provide powerful healing effects – contributing to people’s well being, many are still not aware of its benefits and suffer from physical and mental health issues. Our purpose is to let you experience the healing power of our holistic treatment, helping prevent physical and mental illness and to achieve a complete ‘healthy you’.

Our promise is to serve you with the best of our knowledge and skills until you achieve your desired wellness and enjoy the benefits of experiencing a healthy body, happy heart and peaceful mind.