Kids Yoga

Kids-YogaHelp your child heal and strengthen their physical body, calm emotions and quiet the mind in order to awaken to their true nature by signing up for our Kids Yoga classes.  Our classes are fun and interactive to allow children of all levels of physical condition to take pleasure in.  Classes require no previous knowledge or experience. Different class styles focus on different aspects of practice (for example, balance or core strength), but all classes utilize the following training methods:

Meridian Stretching 

Meridian Stretching consists of exercises and postures designed to make the body’s muscles and joints flexible, allowing energy to flow freely through the body and rejuvenate the mind. By making the body supple and strong, we increase cardiovascular health and physical strength, reducing the possibility of injury and improving our immune system.

Jung Choong Breathing 

These breathing postures begin to strengthen the core and accumulate internal energy in the second chakra. By mastering the art of breathing and beginning to discover the chakras, one’s energy level increases, while simultaneously promoting an internally calm, centered, and focused feeling in the midst of daily life.

Brain Wave Vibration 

Brain Wave Vibration is a powerful, easy-to-follow brain fitness and holistic healing method that helps you stimulate the flow of ki (chi, qi) to bring your body and mind back into balance. Most ancient cultures recognize a universal life force (energy) that exists in all things. Asian healing systems theorize that it is the balanced flow of ki through certain pathways in the body (meridians) that determines our health and well being.

Relaxation and Meditation 

Meditation allows one to discover the original nature of mind – pure, cosmic energy. Relaxation and meditation is of course beneficial to the physical body, but its true purpose is to allow the practitioner to begin to expand her awareness and find true peace and meaning in life by actually changing the neural pathways and wave frequencies of the brain.