Brain Vision Meditation

Problem #4: Why do I feel stuck in life?


The Solution

The feeling of “being stuck” arises when we find ourselves in life situations that don’t seem to change for the better. We may feel robbed of hope and joy and feel as though our dreams will never be realized. Sometimes our jobs feel joyless; financial situations seem disempowering, and our relationships no longer feel loving. Many of life’s situations can make you feel “stuck.”

What being stuck really means; is that you are experiencing resistance to the flow of your life. When you are living in the present moment, actively engaged and energized by what you are doing, your life feels alive with fresh experiences, bringing you opportunities that make you feel joyful and hopeful. There is no sense of resistance or feeling stuck when life is manifesting in this way.

For most people, fear is the reason we resist change. Even when we want to make a change for the better life, deep down we are afraid of leaving our present reality behind; even when it causes us great unhappiness. To overcome this fear of change or resistance, we must learn to let go of past memories, old patterns of thinking and beliefs that make us feel trapped in our current situations. Through Brain Integration, you can experience how to release your conditioned thoughts, beliefs and memories that no longer serve you.

Our brains have miraculous ability to change; even when we don’t want to. By learning to integrate the right (intuitive) and left (rational thinking) sides of your brain, you readily accept positive information and your creative potential becomes practically unlimited. You have the ability to choose the type of life you wish to live and become the type of person you wish to be.