Brain Balancing

Problem #3: Difficulty Balancing Work and Personal Life


The Solution

To be fully engaged and present in whatever you are doing, whether it is a work related activity or just having fun with friends, brings a sense of fulfillment and a feeling of satisfaction. It’s only when you get into the habit of getting through one thing, in order to get to the next thing; that we feel exhausted and overwhelmed. This creates a psychological state of emotional, mental and physical instability. You feel as if your equilibrium is thrown off balance.

The ultimate goal to restore life balance is to bring your mind and focus back to the present moment. If you are constantly thinking about what you need to do later, you’ll never appreciate what you get to do now. This moment will never come again. When you choose to be present and whole heartedly engaged; chances are you are creating something of value for yourself or others. When you give your work that kind of effort, you become energized and feel happier.

Through brain refreshing, you’ll learn to release and clear out negative thoughts and emotions that are getting in the way of experiencing balance and joy. This clearing out process helps you to develop real brain power – seeing your ability to gain mastery over emotions and realize that happiness can be created anytime, anywhere, through action.