Spiritual-HealingThe level three healing program addresses issues of personal growth and self-development, as well as deeper healing from levels one and two. Chakra Healing, Brain Balancing Therapy, Brain Wave Vibration, B.O.S. (Brain Operating System) Training, Mind Screen Therapy and Spiritual Healing are some of the modalities used to bring about greater awareness and hence a greater capacity for lifelong healing.

With these therapies, you’ll learn how to relax and open your mind to new ideas; becoming inspired to think more creatively. To make changes in your life habits, you have to create the mental environment in order to facilitate this desire for change. Using sound, wave and light therapy, you can access the deeper subconscious part of your brain – where 95% of your thoughts are unconscious. This helps bring your brain waves into a more meditative state, thereby, enabling you to see your life with greater clarity.  In this calm state, you create the right environment for changing your “old programming” of thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. Many people have experienced profound and immediate physical healing with this type of therapy, understanding how their thoughts and emotions have helped to create their illness.


Your brain is in constant communication with your body’s various organs and processes. Although we do not precisely know the role of brain waves in this process, it stands to reason that healthy brain waves can help produce a healthy body.

Science, tending to reject that which cannot be directly observed, usually dismisses the notion of life energy as superstitious and irrational. In the past, however, many scientists sought proof of what they called elan vital, an invisible life force that animates living creatures. Unable to find such proof, scientists have tended to prefer a more mechanistic understanding of life, and they reject this concept.

However, they do know that one measurable form of energy does play a role in the body – bioelectricity is the language used by the brain to communicate with all the organs of the body, telling them when to spring into action, when to speed up, and when to slow down. Signals are sent down through the nervous system via nerve fibers, which signal a myriad of biological processes, from muscle movement to organ functions.

Furthermore, we know that the brain waves are associated with various states of consciousness. Interestingly, it is now the absence of these waves, rather than the cessation of the beating of the heart, that indicates clinical death.

Natural health proponents agree that we are spending far too much time in the higher frequency beta and gamma waves, and too little time in the lower frequency waves. The higher frequency waves are associated with stress states, manifesting in mental and physical disorders.

Fortunately, people can learn to control their brain wave states for the improvement of mental and physical health.