Learn body and mind healing practices through the principles of Tao. Only by understanding the principles of life, can you truly be free from your pains and have a healthy body and mind.

As we live our lives in this world, we sometimes experience physical and emotional pains. Some are fortunate to realize the root cause of the pain and are able to heal themselves while most people only suffer, not knowing the cause and solution to their health condition.

Most people think the reasons of their pain are a physical injury or weakness, but negative thoughts and emotions can be significant contributing factors. Without changing these factors, the real reasons for the pain, it is very difficult to expect the true healing effect no matter what kind of treatments are attempted.

As you begin your self-healing training, you will be able to find the root of your problems. Then, you will learn to remove negative thoughts and emotions that cover your true nature which cause pain and difficulties. By changing the energy of your thoughts and emotions, you’ll start to experience the healing phenomena in your body and mind. This constant process, later combined with exercises, will lead you to awaken and optimize your self-healing power while naturally reducing symptoms and improving your health condition. You will then come to realize your true self and live life as who you really are.

Over the course of this training program, you will learn to naturally change your lifestyle habits to nourish your body and mind as well as to remove unhealthy thoughts from your mind. Many have greatly improved their health and have even recovered from the chronic illnesses they had suffered from for many years. All participants have said this is one of the most amazing things that have happened in their lives. Out of these participants, some are now training even further to become a healer to help others whom they love and care about.

Come and learn to heal and nourish yourself and enjoy your life to the fullest.