Heart Opening


All human beings have life energy (ki) flowing between their body and mind. This energy helps us to maintain and recover our health, if we become ill. The modern day lifestyle makes it difficult to feel and circulate this life energy. As we become busier with our life and begin to form our own opinions based on society’s standards, we start to ignore our feelings and try to be a “good person.” This often leads to a lack of self expression, suppressed emotions, stressful thoughts, and a lack of communication between yourself and others in order to avoid conflict or feelings of not being worthy. This unfortunate process is how people begin to be close minded and how we disconnect with our true nature.

Continuing this suppressed process is not beneficial for our physical or emotional health. When we ignore our true nature and fail to express ourselves, it leads to feelings of resentment, anger, or sadness. These emotions begin to manifest themselves in our body, creating disease, pain and illness. The longer this negativity is stored in you, the harder it is to change and become healthy. One’s life energy is unable to positively circulate, which will amplify the negative effects that are growing.

Start to treat yourself. Make a change and get connected with your true self once again. Open your heart and mind to circulate and enhance your life energy. You can begin to strengthen your body while starting to feel happiness and joy in your heart.

The Heart Opening workshop is designed to reconnect you with your heart. This will help to heal yourself while you rid yourself of the negative energy that has been stored.

Once you complete this workshop, your energy points and channels (meridians) will be opened and will create better circulation within your body. As a result, you will feel positive and more energized.

The Heart Opening workshop is the first step in the healing course and is a preparation for the Finding your true self (Shim Sung) workshop.

Heart Opening is a two hour workshop and completely free!

After the two hours, you can expect to:

  • Learn the Principles of Life Energy
  • Experience Life Energy
  • Reconnect your body with your mind
  • Release negative emotions and stagnant energy in your body
  • Recognize what your negative energy is
  • Freely express and share your feeling with others
  • Start to find your true self
  • Be ready to participate in the Finding your true self (Shim Sung) workshop