Energy Principles Workshop


Do you feel that your life is not going exactly the way you want, and you are struggling with persistent challenges? Do you feel that your health condition, thoughts, and emotions prevent you from achieving your goals? Do you feel that you have more potential and would like to use your energy more effectively, but don’t know how?

Find the Key in Energy for Successful Living.

All life is energy. Just as physical matter operates according to certain laws, which can be expressed mathematically, energy also operates according to certain principles. Experiencing and learning how to utilize these energy principles will help you live a happier and fully actualized life.

In this workshop, participants will learn simple yet powerful tools to create and manage energy. In doing so, each practitioner will discover that a successful life can be led daily.

This dynamic workshop will empower you to:

  • manage your energy for optimal functioning of the body and brain
  • experience your heart opening
  • learn acceptance
  • use the creative power of your mind consciously through meditation
  • maintain and increase the momentum of change in your life

Through this workshop, you can discover why you feel that your life is not going the way you want. You will see how you can change your condition to live a better life you desire. Your true potential will be discovered!

(Workshop information: One day program 9 am – 6:30 pm)