Anger/Anxiety Management

What is anger?
Anger is an emotion you get in response to a threat, an unpleasant situation or fearful action taken against you. It is a normal and also healthy response when expressed in a controlled and appropriate way.

Does Anger Management keep you from feeling anger?
It is a common misconception that anger management is to train one not to feel anger. Again, anger is a normal emotion and needs to be expressed.

Then, why does anyone need anger management?
Here are some questions for you. Have you ever damaged any relationship you were in because of your anger impulse? Do you usually explode when you feel anger? Do you act inappropriately when you are angry? Have you ever felt that you lost control of yourself because you were angry?

Real anger management allows you to identify fear factors that trigger your anger and it helps you express the anger in calm and positive way. You can begin to wisely and properly deal with those factors.  It is very important that you understand how your mind and body are connected, as anger (mind) is expressed as an action (body). You will then realize that low life energy affects your mind which leads to uncontrolled reactions.

CGI’s program is designed to improve and strengthen your life energy. The stronger your life energy is, the less you feel anxiety and anger. From this program, you will significantly enhance your emotional health as well as your physical health More than this, you will be able to fully control your emotions when you encounter your fear factors. This will transform not only your emotional health but your life!