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DahnMuDo is a comprehensive system of healing and martial arts originating from a 10,000 year tradition of healing and martial art training in Korea. DahnMuDo includes principles and practices for the enhancement of life energy (Ki/Chi/Qi) and the development of the capacity to use energy. With enhanced energy-awareness and the ability to use energy, we can heal ourselves and others physically and energetically.

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Training develops not only our mental and spiritual strength, but our integrity as well. The ultimate goal of DahnMuDo training is to awaken and develop the integrity and wholeness within us, thereby attaining mastery of the body, mind and spirit.

The word “Dahn” means pure energy; which, as the essence of life, permeates our body, keeps our life functioning, and integrates our body and consciousness into a living awareness. “Mu” means ‘martial’ and ‘limitless’. “Do” is Tao which means the Way; the ultimate truth and reality. DahnMuDo is a discipline to develop the limitless power and energy within each of us. It is the ultimate art form for attaining infinite awareness and energy; the source of freedom and creation. In brief, DahnMuDo is a training system that enables people to develop their energy to reach the limitlessness within themselves.


Main Subjects of DahnMuDo Training

DMD11. Adjusting & Stabilizing Exercises

DahMuDo starts with the exercises

  • To loosen up the muscles and joints
  • To open up the blockages in the meridians
  • To activate and improve the overall energy circulation

These exercises include reeducation of the most basic moves and positions such as walking, standing and balancing. These exercises bring better balance, more strength, enhanced body awareness and remarkably improved mind-body circulation.

DMD22. Circulating Exercises

The second stage is designed to help the practitioner develop a strong energy center in the lower abdomen, enhancing the capacity to manage energy. The exercises include:

  • Learning how to move hands and feet together in awareness and balance
  • Learning how to use internal energy for physical movement
  • Correcting the skeletal structures and strengthening the muscles and bones
  • Strengthening the internal organs
DMD33. Advanced Ki-Managing Exercises

After the completion of the energy system of the body, the practitioner can learn the advanced levels of principles and skills of healing and martial arts. This level of training includes:

  • Learning how to control the flow of energy
  • Learning how to create the appropriate kinds of energy for diverse purposes
  • Learning how to use the energy for healing oneself and others


Benefits of DahnMuDo Exercise

  • Align and correct the muscles and bone structures
  • Strengthen the natural healing power and the immune system
  • Build the internal energy
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Help diet and weight control
  • Helps normalize blood pressure
  • Strengthens self-confidence and enhances self-esteem
  • Improves learning ability and work performance
  • Strengthens the lower body