What is your goal for a healthy life?

Building muscles? Weight loss? Well-being?

Whatever your goal may be, CGI’s Health Coaching System will help you achieve your goals to live a healthy and satisfied life.

Health Coaching is a one-on-one program tailored to each individual, in order to achieve specific goals for a healthy lifestyle. Unlike many other health-coaching programs which teach skills or techniques to get results, CGI’s Health Coaching System aims to facilitate healthy and sustainable behavior change by training you to listen to your inner wisdom, identify your true value and turn your goals into action. When your inner strength increases, you will feel more confident in making the right decisions for your body. This will result in the overall improvement of your health and the achievement of your goal for a healthy life.

When you start our Health Coaching program, you will first

1. Establish a relationship with your couch
2. Go through a motivational interview
3. Establish your wellness goals
4. Learn PDCA (Plan it, Do it, Check it, Take action)

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Your health coach will review all of your information and design a personalized program to help you achieve your goals.

For the best results possible, we utilize various exercises such as aerobic, anaerobic, body weight, interval and resistance training. These are then combined with stretching, breathing and meditation exercise. If you are serious about improving your health and the quality of your life, do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation.