Do you understand your body? Have you ever wondered why you have cravings or what causes them?

The body is very scientific. When you lack certain nutrients or are low on certain hormones, food cravings are often triggered. Once you understand what causes cravings and negative behaviors, it becomes easier to manage what your body wants.

Through the Healthy Lifestyle Course, you will learn much more than just few dieting tips; you will learn how to lead a healthy life based on YOUR needs and wants. While diet is a main component of this course, participants will also go through various exercises to keep the body healthy, and learn more about the body itself.

Being mindful is key. When you become aware of the workings of the body, as well as what you do and how you move, small corrections can be made. These small corrections to posture, habit, and eating will lead up to larger changes, some of which change within a week. This course is designed to help you stay mindful throughout your day, to better keep track of how you are living.

Participants have all experienced weight loss, from 8 pounds up to 20 pounds. The tools and will power for creating a healthier life have never been closer to your fingertips. CGI invites you to experience a new life, a refreshed mindset, and a more healthy way to be.