Do you feel any tension or discomfort in your abdominal area? Do you suffer from constipation, diarrhea, or IBS?
If you do, it may simply mean that you have a sluggish stomach, your digestive system cannot efficiently break down food, or your bowels are overly strained. Stress may also play a large factor in this.

The condition of your intestines tells a story about your physical and emotional health. Both Eastern and Western medicine are now focusing on core health and keeping the intestinal area healthy. In Eastern philosophy, warm and flexible intestines equated to a healthy and strong life.     The more stiff and inflexible the intestines, the more ill and fragile a person would be. A majority of blood is stored in the intestinal area; if it does not circulate, the activities of other organs are affected negatively.
For example, intestinal distress can be the cause or the result of anxiety, stress, and depression. Conversely, mental and emotional stress can affect intestinal movement, cause inflammation, or make one more susceptible to infection and allergies.

Visit  CGI’s Intestinal Detox program to discover the state of your intestinal health. Learn ways to release tension in the intestines, and how to improve allergies or poor bowel movements. Once enrolled within the program, an intestinal massage is given to test for hardness or tenderness in your abdominal area; this determines the condition of your internal organs. After finding the trouble points, teamwork will be used to develop specific exercises to do and a food plan to follow. We are confident that you will soon feel the difference. The benefits you can expect out of the Intestine Detox Program are:

  1. Better digestion
  2. A stronger immune system
  3. Enhanced emotional health
  4. Healthier internal body
  5. Healthy eating habits
  6. Awareness of the body and how the intestines affect other areas
  7. Learning how to maintain a flexible and healthy intestinal condition