WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM (Total Body Transformation)

In order to make your body strong and healthy, you need to know how, when and what to eat. This, along with incorporating an exercise routine, is the secret to losing weight. Forget about running on a treadmill everyday and not being able to eat your favorite food! This type of approach usually fails and does not suit most people. Many people want to lose weight and strengthen their body, but they have difficulty controlling food and working out consistently. You are not a failure, but those diet programs are!

Come sample CGI’s weight loss program, where you will learn proven strategies that don’t require you to limit your nutritional choices. These strategies will also NOT use diets that are unsustainable or uncomfortable. This program teaches you how to build flexible muscles outside of the gym, as well as how to manage and sustain a healthy, happy and strong body. It’s time to become the true owner of your body!

Once you complete this 6-week program, you will feel greater strength and more energy. You will realize that you finally have complete control of your body, and best of all, you will definitely lose weight. This is why the program is called “Total Body Transformation.”

You can expect the following through this program:

1. Significant weight loss
2. Choose the right food for your body
3. Improved ability to control your own body
4. Build flexible muscle outside of the gym
5. Able to manage a healthy, happy and strong body
6. Experience a well-being life style

Do not wait to lose weight! The longer you wait the more weight there is to lose.