Back pain and neck pain.


These are the two most common health conditions that many Americans suffer from.  These pains are caused by poor posture and poor body habits. People who suffer from these specific pains may also experience constant fatigue or a lack of motivation. This happens because improper posture can compress the organs which impairs their ability to function. As this happens, blood flow decreases and the flow of Ki (life) energy is hindered.

While there are many approaches to treat these conditions, the effects are normally temporary and require frequent treatment. A majority of these treatments do not correct or address the root of the problem.

Posture Therapy assesses one’s posture, body-holding habits, and skeletal alignment. Once complete, an exercise program and specific ki-gong postures will be given. The combination of both methods creates a unique and personalized program to correct postural misalignments while gradually releasing muscular pain.

The process involves a series of posture correction exercises, site specific stretches and therapeutic acupressure. Posture Therapy is designed to maximize neutrality in the body through manual and non-manual techniques made to reposition, retrain, and restore the parts of your body that fail to correspond to one another in shape, size, or arrangement.

By participating in our Posture Therapy program, you will improve some health conditions caused by improper posture while experiencing a continuous effect of the treatment. Stop suffering from pain! Contact us and let us assist you. We’ve got your back!