healing-in-water-facility Our heated, competition-sized pool is 25 yards in length and is unsurpassed in Northern Bergen County. In addition to using the conventional overflow filtration system, we have a super-efficient double pump natural element filtration and ionization system that minimizes the use of chlorine. You will enjoy the peace and benefits of swimming without the harmful chemicals associated with traditional swimming pools.

The temperature of the pool is maintained between 82 and 84 degrees and the air temperature is between 80 and 82 degrees.

The pool is equipped with the latest in pool exercise props and safety equipment. We offer private swim instruction for members and their children, ages 3-14, as well as daily Aqua Aerobics classes. There is also a Family Swim Day the last Sunday of every month.

On a weekly basis, our pool water is professionally tested and analyzed. Our facilities team tests the water every two hours on a daily basis to ensure it meets our high standards for quality and safety.