Aqua Ki Gong & Water Healing Meditation

Aquatic Healing Exercise is a water based body relaxation and strengthening exercise. This exercise integrates physical, mental, and spiritual energy. Aqua healing exercise is an efficient healing program, giving perfect relaxation for stressed muscles and joints.

Types of Aquatic Healing Exercise

  1. Aqua Walking
  2. Aqua Fitness
  3. Aqua Ki Gong / Tai Chi
  4. Aqua Dahn Mu (Aqua Energy Movement Healing)

The aquatic healing program takes advantage of the water properties, fostering range of motion while challenging balance and facilitating core strength and stability. This is simple, but effective, and becomes meditative when performed repeatedly and coordinated with the breath.

Benefits of Aquatic Healing Exercise

  • Increase energy, promote flexibility and strengthen whole body.
  • Reduce muscle weakness, widespread pain and joint pain.
  • Promote blood circulation and energy flow to joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments.
  • Relax tired and stressed muscles with natural wave of water

Recommended to people who have Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Diabetes, Arthritis, Chronic pain, Multiple sclerosis, Rheumatologic diseases, Osteoarthritis, neurological and orthopedic problems.