We offer private training sessions with our elite Certified Personal Trainers.

Gym Training

CGI offers comprehensive gym training sessions that provide the ultimate in health and wellness coaching to help members achieve their fitness goals. Rooted in extensive fitness expertise, CGI’s staff works with members on an individual basis to help assess current fitness levels and create a specialized training program dedicated to improving strength, flexibility and stamina while promoting weight loss and an overall sense of well-being.

Weight Loss Program

So many weight loss programs today lack an integrated approach to losing weight. CGI’s Holistic Weight Loss Program incorporates both Western and Eastern approaches to weight management, allowing the body to shed excess fat, while also helping to detoxify the internal organs. This balanced approach to weight loss allows you to lose weight in a healthy, effective way, resulting in a new lifestyle, improved eating habits, better posture, improved sleep, and many more results that last – both physically and mentally.

Health Coach

Combining the Eastern practices of Yoga and Tai Chi with the Western disciplines of cardio and resistance training, the Health Coach Program is a personal, intensive way for you to reach your physical and wellness-related goals; equipping you with the necessary tools to manage your health and longevity.

Personal Fitness

Are you ready for the body you’ve always wanted? Take our 90 day challenge and radically transform your body inside and out. Experience personal training and nutritional coaching specifically designed to burn fat, sculpt and tone muscles and increase energy and stamina.