Brain Education System Training (BEST)

The Holistic Wellness Center is a Brain Education Institute affiliated with IBREA. It provides programs and classes for groups and individuals based on the Five Steps of Brain Education. These five steps are the basis for healing physical, emotional and mental issues and to assist individuals in reaching their full human potential.

The human mind generally perceives life through two lenses: negative consciousness and positive consciousness. Depending on our state of consciousness, we perceive and ascribe judgment and value to our life events. The ramifications of these judgments and values affect our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing; ultimately effecting our overall health.

The programs of BEST 5 help heal the affects of our cumulative negative consciousness and shift our consciousness to a positive state. This allows us to lessen the power of the past on our present circumstances, and creatively shape our future by bettering ourselves and contributing to the Earth and humanity.


How to refresh your brain in 5 minutes

When you go from one task to the next all day long – your mind is constantly trying to catch up.  Hit the reset button with Brain Operating System Training.


Healthy, Happy and Peaceful Brain

Mind Power is the key to make the balance between Brain Power and Physical Power.


What is the Brain Operating System (B.O.S.)?

Everything in the world is made of energy, including your consciousness and emotions. Physical and mental problems that you experience are caused by an imbalance of energy. If you can feel energy, you can correct your imbalances, while managing and utilizing your energy effectively.  Through B.O.S. training, you can increase your brain potential.


There are 5 steps in Brain Health


1. Brain Sensitizing

  • Brain-oriented purpose: Awakening the body-brain senses.
  • Commonly Reported Benefits: Physical health, enhanced focus and awareness.

2. Brain Versatilizing

  • Brain-oriented purpose: Making the brain more flexible and adaptable.
  • Commonly Reported Benefits: Enhanced adaptability and creativity, more resilient mindset.

3. Brain Refreshing

  • Brain-oriented purpose: Freeing one’s brain from negative memories
  • Commonly Reported Benefits: Positive outlook, self confidence.

4. Brain Integrating

  • Brain-oriented purpose: Integrating brain functions and unleashing potential.
  • Commonly Reported Benefits: Balanced, smoother behavior and activity.

5. Brain Mastering

  • Brain-oriented purpose: Enhanced executive control and faculty of imagination.
  • Commonly Reported Benefits: Realizing the power of choice and creation. Authorship of one’s life.