Personal Healing

Personal-Healing-MainOur Holistic Wellness Center is unlike any other. From the one of a kind facility, to the staff that provides healing therapy and consulting, you’ll experience expert guidance and personalized care. We recognize that each person is unique with regard to their health condition, life circumstance and desire to change. Our trained professionals have over 30 years of combined teaching and experience in the healing arts. They understand the importance of building a trusting relationship for meaningful change and health improvement. Getting to know each client is vital in making a good assessment of their health condition and in providing customized care that is appropriate – whether it is with a master healer, massage therapist or wellness coach.

The foundation of our system of healing is based on the integration of traditional Eastern mind and body training with modern principles of neuroscience and brain research. Recovering your health and staying well require more than just focusing on the physical aspects of illness. To return to our natural state of well being, we need to take ownership of our health. Taking responsibility for your health means using your brain and your body together to change your energy. When we have more energy and know how to use it well, we are healthy, happy and peaceful.