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Recovering from Anxiety, Depression & Emotional Disorders

Come and learn about the practice of energy healing to restore and strengthen your emotional health. It will be the beginning of your journey to change your life! You will learn how to have better control of your emotions, and you will learn how to release negativities from your mind. You can also increase your energy level, which enhances a more positive outlook. Through this workshop, you will learn how to bring back your confidence, excitement, energy and the beautiful smile on your face!



Finding Your True Self Workshop with Michelle Moon

Finding Your True Self workshop is designed to help you discover your true self and to reconnect your body to the root of your heart. It consists of physical exercises, group interaction time, meditation and reflection. All of these activities will help you open a path of greater understanding of yourself, your motivations and your true potential. It is a perfect workshop for those who want to gain motivation or personal transformation and who want to live life to the fullest.

CGI will be hosting a Public Finding Your True Self workshop. It is available for anyone who is interested. This is the first time the workshop will be open to the public.



Aqua Healing Ki-Gong

Semi-Private Class (Member & Non-Member Available)

Aqua Healing Ki-Gong
Aqua Healing Kigong is a water exercise and relaxation program. It has been created to help us enjoy the natural yet powerful flow of our body in water. This is perfect for highly stressed, over-challenged muscles and joints and ideal for creating improved range of motion and flexibility.



CGI Wellness Campaign – Health Evaluation

How does stress affect you?? 
CGI will begin it’s Wellness Campaign in 2014 by providing CGI members with a quarterly health evaluation which involves the following:
• Body Composition Analysis
• Stress Level of your Brain
• Age of your Physical Body
• Chakra Development Status
• Health Condition of your Organs
• Breathing Quality
With the results from the above tests, our health consultant will guide you with suitable exercises to do in order to improve your condition. Instead of repeating same exercises that you know and eventually get bored with, our consultant will coach you in the right combination of different exercises and activities (sauna hydrotherapy included) to improve your total fitness and wellness level, for overall health.
To schedule an appointment, please speak with a CGI Wellness staff or call 201.784.5575
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