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What’s NEW

CGI Special New Programs

CGI Holistic Fitness & Spa focuses on uniting physical benefits with mental and emotional benefits.  As a part of this goal, we offer a variety of educational workshops, and an assortment of seasonal programs for the whole family.

Check and see CGI Holistic Fitness & Spa special new programs for the monthly below!


1.  Belly Button Healing


What is it and how can it help you?

CGI invites you to come & learn about this unique healing method to restore the body!

Benefits include:

  • Better digestion & circulation
  • Weight loss/Flatter belly
  • loss of shoulder & back pain
  • Improved energy
  • Reduced hunger

Call 201-784-5575 for more details!



2.  Healer School Program

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  • Date: July 23rd (Sat) ~ July 24th (Sun)
  • Time: July 23rd – 1pm~7pm /  July 24th – 9am~6pm
  • Tuition: $1,325  (Including registration and Text book)

Learn healing methods to help your family and yourself. Relieve major issues related to stress, such as stomach pain, headaches, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, insomnia.

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Healing is the way to lead you to be healthy, happy and strong. Through the healing course, you will experience how to develop and strengthen your potential healing power. You will learn healing techniques to help your family, friends and people you love.

You will experience how to trust yourself and be confident by healing yourself.


3.  Kids Summer Program (for Non-CGI Members) 

CGI is equipped with a one of a kind, competition sized, heated and ionized swimming pool.
After their swimming lesson, activities will be provided for children to participate in. The Summer Program attendees will be able to use the pool for group swim lessons. All levels of experience are accepted.

Program begins June 20th throughout August 19th.

  • Group 1 (Ages 6-8) $216/Week (Minimum 4 weeks commitment)
    Tues & Thur: 1:30pm~4pm
  • Group 2 (Ages 9-11) $296/Week (Minimum 4 weeks commitment)
    Mon, Wed, Fri: 1pm~4pm


4.  Motivational Team Coaching for Young Adults

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CGI Presents Two All Star Coaches!
Are you ready to find passion and a goal? Our All Star Coaching, combines physical fitness, health consultations, and life coaching sessions to boost confidence, self-esteem, and academic goals.

Private sessions are available. Call 201-784-5575, ext 1 for more information.

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5. 10 week full body detox plan

CGI’s Healthy & Rejuvenating Liver and Intestinal Detox Retreat Program will help you look and feel younger, while improving your overall health! Through our very special detox retreat, you will be able to experience a deep, yet comfortable cleanse. Experience the benefits of our facility with soothing saunas, relaxing meditation rooms, and body-benefitting massages.
10 weeks of FREE CGI membership included

1. Full Body Health Evaluation (Week 1, 6)
- Using InBody, Dinamica, and BioFocus Technology

2. Complete Nutritional Consultation (Week 1, 6)
- Discuss meal plan, daily habits, exercise regimen, supplementation

3. Full Body Detox (Week 1, 6)
- Using all natural 24 Hour DTX System

4. Lymphatic Drainage Massage & CST (10 Sessions)
- One massage & CST (Cranial Sacral Therapy) weekly

5. Reflexology Sessions (10 sessions)
- One reflexology weekly

6.  Private Exercise (10 Sessions)
- One session weekly

Motivational Team Coaching for Young Adults