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What’s NEW

CGI Special New Programs

1. Group Healing Class

Wednesdays 10am or 6pm, 80 minutes
10 classes starting from April 1st through June 3rd

Register by March 30th to reserve your space.
*Call for fees.

Trainer: Master Park, the new manager of the Tao Wellness Center.

Come experience Healing first hand through this group class.
Through this guided training and diligent practice, issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis can all improve.


2. Yull’yo Class

Tuesdays, 12pm (Classes are 1 hour long)
Classes begin April 7th.
Register by March 30th to reserve your space. (10 classes for $500)

Led by Master Daehan

Yull’yo means cosmic rhythm.
You can experience this cosmic rhythm through dancing and singing. Once you tap in to your Yull’yo, you can increase your natural healing power through rhythmical movements and sound meditation.

Class contents include:
Live music with and vibration, as well as sound meditation.


  • Better circulation to improve cold hands and feet,
  • Feel better and regain emotional stability
  • Increase immunity
  • Laugh and feel good



3. CGI Free Open Class “Digestive Health”

Saturday, April 18th & 25th (1pm~3pm)
FREE Admission

Heat up your abdomen

Enhance your fitness with a new breathing exercise combined with deep stretching, twisting and joint rotation.  Experience a new form of meditation which reduces stress and improves the circulation and alignment of your body. Discover the Natural Healing Power within you and learn how to improve it to stay healthy, happy and peaceful.


4. Special Detox Retreat Program

Look Good, Feel Good, Live Good!

CGI’s Healthy & Rejuvenating Liver and Intestinal DETOX will help you look and feel younger, while improving your overall health! Through our very special DETOX retreat, you will be able to experience a deep, yet comfortable cleanse. Experience the benefits of our facility with soothing saunas, relaxing meditation rooms, and body-benefitting massages.

Don’t miss this special and rare chance to experience all that CGI has to offer!



5. Health Benefits of Tea

Fall is in full swing! Leaves are changing colors, the air is cooling down, and the general feeling of wanting to curl up and sip tea is pulling the thoughts of many. CGI also feels this pull to have something warm, steamy, and healthy to drink!

Tea is a fall staple. Made up of leaves, branches roots, and/or flowers, tea is best known for its enhancing properties.

Health benefits of Tea

- Rich in vitamins & minerals
- High in antioxidants (helps prevent cancer)
- Speeds up metabolism
- Cleanses blood
- Strengthens blood vessels
- Increases alertness
- Improves concentration
- Relieves fatigue
- Calms nervesJoin us as we launch a special line of healthy, holistic tea blends, all meant to boost the immune system, aid in digestion, and soothe your insides overall.