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August Special Promotions

CGI Holistic Fitness & Spa offers sublime and therapeutic services and an organic, thoroughly joyful environment.  Explore new interests and rediscover your passions with workouts, classes and support that goes far beyond your average fitness membership.  We’ll help you reach your goals and set higher ones with the best people, places and programs.



1. CGI Membership SPECIAL offer

Treat your body to something truly unique CGI Special Promotions!
CGI Any 1 year Membership + 1 month FREE





Join us for a day of excitement, fun, and most importantly: relaxation and pampering.

Intro package: 3 Personal Training sessions for $150
- New Gym Clients only. (Applies to Members Only)
- One package per person.
- 45 day expiration.
- Selected Trainer only.



3. Summer Skin Recovery Facials!

It is essential to hydrate and replenish following exposure to the sun in order to diminish long-term impact. Restore your skin’s youthful vitality and prevent future damage.

2 sessions for $199* (70 mins/session)

FREE sauna and hot stone therapy room usage before each session!
*7% NJ tax



4. Iris Reading Package

A reading conducted through an eye scan with a comprehensive consultation to follow.

- $80/session (60 mins)
- $240/4 sessions

 IRIS* Reading & Consultation
*An iris reading reveals physiological conditions, psychological health risks, challenges, or strengths of various organs & personality traits.



5. Lymphatic Drainage Detox &
Meridian Massage & CST (Cranial Sacral Therapy)

Don’t miss this special and rare chance to experience all that CGI has to offer!

- Option 1 (90mins)
Package of 5 sessions ($600*) + 2 sessions of Iris Reading & Consultation ($80)

- Option 2 (90mins)
Package of 10 sessions ($1,200*) + 1 session (free) + 2 Iris Reading & Consultation (free)



6. CGI Special Yoga Membership Package

(Gift certificates available now)

Package 1. First Step To Your Wellness

$99 (Valued over $250)

  • 1 Week of Mind & Body Yoga Classes
  • 1 50 minute full body massage (Swedish or Deep tissue)
  • 1 Workshop: Mindful Eating – Eat up, Shape up!
  • Health Evaluation and consultation featuring a Body/Brain checkup to determine flexibility, balance, depth of breathing, and Ki (life) energy circulation.
  • Learn how emotions can affect internal organ health and performance.
  • Aura photo and reading for your disposition, your career path, and the environment which suits you best.
  • Solar Body Book from a NY Times Bestselling Author


Package 2. Heal the Body and Mind

$199 (Valued over $400)

  • All of the benefits in the $99 package plus…
  • Upgrade your body massage to a 70 minute Acupressure Healing Massage
  • 1 60 minute Semi-private Tai-Chi / Ki Gong Class


Package 3. Mini Retreat Near You

$299 (Valued over $550)

  • All of the benefits in the $199 package plus…
  • Upgrade 1 Week of Mind & Body Yoga Classes to 1 Week Usage of the CGI Facility
  • Includes use of the Gym, Ionized Pool, the Saunas, All Group Exercise Classes
  • Health Workshop
    Despite all of the powerful medications available to us, many times we find ourselves with an increasing amount of health issues. This is due to an imbalance in our energy system. Through this workshop, you can learn how to correct the flow of energy to heal your body, increase your vitality, and to feel your best inside of your skin