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May Special Promotions

CGI Holistic Fitness & Spa offers sublime and therapeutic services and an organic, thoroughly joyful environment.  Explore new interests and rediscover your passions with workouts, classes and support that goes far beyond your average fitness membership.  We’ll help you reach your goals and set higher ones with the best people, places and programs.




CGI Special May Event

(Gift certificates available now)

Do you want to show your appreciation to those you care for? CGI has prepared gift packages that are perfect to express your gratitude for Mother’s day!


1. $99 CGI Special packages

Package 1.
Free workshop + 1 Health evaluation + 3 Energy yoga classes+ 20min joint massage w/ deep blue cream

Package 2.
75 min Swedish massage (add $5 for deep tissue)

Package 3.
Oil diffuser + 2 essential oils

Package 4.
Mug+Organic Caffeine free tea set


2. $199 CGI Special packages

Package 1.
Facial / Body massage combo package (sauna usage included)

Package 2.
Special detox program (intestinal or liver detox)

Package 3.
Free workshop + 1 Health evaluation + 30 min healing massage + 1 month energy yoga membership

Package 4.
Meditation book + 2 private meditation classes



3. $299 CGI Special packages

Package 1.
Guinot: Age logic cream and serum set (Anti aging set) + 1 CGI daily pass

Package 2.
1 month energy yoga membership + 1 health evaluation + 90 min healing massage

Package 3.
3 Health coach sessions

Package 4.
1 month CGI membership (7% NJ tax to be added)



4. Summer Special Facial Treatment

Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!
*Choose 3 facial sessions of the same kind, and get 1 free.

1. Aromatic treatment
2. Double Natural Peel Treatment
3. Rejuvenating Liftosome Treatment