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March Special Promotions

1. Special DETOX Retreat Program

Look Good, Feel Good, Live Good!

CGI’s Healthy & Rejuvenating Liver and Intestinal Detox will help you look and feel younger, while improving your overall health! Through our very special detox retreat, you will be able to experience a deep, yet comfortable cleanse. Experience the benefits of our facility with soothing saunas, relaxing meditation rooms, and body-benefitting massages.

Don’t miss this special and rare chance to experience all that CGI has to offer!



2. CGI Membership Special Offer

Any 1yr Membership + 1hr FREE Massage
3 month Membership + 20 mins FREE Massage



3. Guinot Facial Treatment Special

40% off of your first Double Natural Peel Treatment! Put some Spring back in your winter worn face.
With Guinot’s Double Natural Peel, you can feel refreshed and light in the cold!