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April Special Promotions

CGI Holistic Fitness & Spa offers sublime and therapeutic services and an organic, thoroughly joyful environment.  Explore new interests and rediscover your passions with workouts, classes and support that goes far beyond your average fitness membership.  We’ll help you reach your goals and set higher ones with the best people, places and programs.




1. CGI 3 Months Membership + up to 2 Months FREE

In April, when you join for 3 Months CGI Premium, you will get the rest of the summer for FREE!
The 3 Month membership will end on August 31st (that’s a maximum of 2 free months.)


2. CGI 3 Months Energy Yoga Membership + 1 Month FREE

In April, when you join for 3 Months CGI Energy Yoga Membership, you will get 1 month FREE!


3. Couple Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage Special Offer

Couple CGI Daily Pass + Couple Swedish/Deep Tissue 
Massage (60mins) – $190* (saving of $120)
(Includes Gym, Pool, Sauna, Group Exercise, Yoga)



4. Private Health Evaluation – $20



5. Special Hand-Made tea set sales event

Hand-Made Tea set on Sales in April – Limited time ONLY

In April, we will offer special hand made tea set for only $99 (2 cups and saucers per set)
The original price is $120

If you have more information, please call 201.784.5575