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October Special Promotions

CGI Holistic Fitness & Spa offers sublime and therapeutic services and an organic, thoroughly joyful environment.  Explore new interests and rediscover your passions with workouts, classes and support that goes far beyond your average fitness membership.  We’ll help you reach your goals and set higher ones with the best people, places and programs.


1. CGI Massage Special Event!

60 or 90 minute massage of your choice + only $20!

Come for a massage, and receive full access to our newly renovated facility!!

Rest. Relax. Rejuvenate.

Prepare yourself for the winter season, and make your health a priority in order to prevent illness the season comes. To support this pursuit, CGI is offering a special Relaxation & Rejuvenation package for the month of October.

When you come in for a massage, you can use the rest of the facility, on the same day only, for $20 ($60 value)!

This will include our ionized pool, all tubs and saunas, gym equipment, any group class, and lounge facilities. Come to relax and unwind spending the day taking care of the most important person in your life: YOU.



2. CGI Special 2 week Trial Event!

Come Get Inspired!
CGI has been a part of the Closter community for 18 years.
We have upgraded our offerings to provide a healthier and more pleasant environment.
To feel the difference, we would like you to come and experience what makes us unique!

Try our heated, ionized pool and the cybex equipped gym. Detoxify in our various saunas: dry, amethyst steam, far-infrared, mecgranite, salt, etc.
Get yourself going with our cardio, dance, yoga, and tai-chi classes!
Come and enjoy our relaxing atmosphere with cozy seating, relaxing lighting, and serene backdrops.

You can try our facility and unlimited group classes for 2 weeks. Registration ends on October 25, 2016.

  • 2 Week Trial -> 200*
  • 2 Week Trial + 1 One-on-One Stress Relief Session -> $320*
    (*plus 7% NJ tax)



3. CGI Specials Event!

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Michelle JeongIn has trained diligently for over 16 years, traveling from Korea to America purely with the hope of bringing a new era of healing to this country. The manifestation of an earnestly devoted life, rooted in ancient wisdom, is now an offering from her heart to yours. Each card is crafted by hand, and each message comes with a sincere blessing. Once received, it lasts forever.

“It is a critical time in our world, and I pray that this project contributes to a worldwide movement of true, and lasting, inner peace. The spiritual name that was given to me is JeongIn. This means truth & mercy. It is my highest honor and responsibility to uphold the integrity of this name, and deliver its essence with all of my sincerity. I choose to use all my life, my love, and my heart for this great dream. For those who feel the importance of this mission, and for all the great teachers who came before me, I am forever grateful.”