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August Summer Special Promotions

CGI Holistic Fitness & Spa offers sublime and therapeutic services and an organic, thoroughly joyful environment.  Explore new interests and rediscover your passions with workouts, classes and support that goes far beyond your average fitness membership.  We’ll help you reach your goals and set higher ones with the best people, places and programs.



1. CGI Membership Specials!

When you sign up for any 1 Year Premium CGI Membership, you will get the remainder of August for FREE

*Offer applies to new members only



2. Summer Skin Recovery Facials


– 2 sessions for $199* (70 mins/session) – *plus 7% NJ tax
– FREE sauna and hot stone therapy room usage before each session!



3. Spring into Fall


 *plus tax. Offer valid through August 31st, 2016.

What’s included:

  •  2 personal training sessions OR 3 private swimming lessons
  •  1 Facial (90 minutes) OR 1 Body Scrub (90 minutes)
  •  1 Body Massage (60 minutes)
  •  1 BMI Test
  •  1 Week Membership for FREE