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October Special Promotions

1. CGI 16th Anniversary Promotion (valid till 10/28/14)

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Share the benefit of good health with a special someone

CGI Membership & Yoga Only Membershp Promotion: 

1. Buy 1 membership, get the second membership 30% off (Couple, Friends, Family, Colleagues)
2. If you join any 1 year membership BY YOURSELF, you will get ONE month FREE.



2. NEW Program- Relaxation & Self-Healing with Fred!
Session includes 50 min Body Massage + 20 min Self-Heailing Exercise

October: $80 – member, $100 – non-member  (7% NJ tax to be added.)
Original Fee: $100 member/ $120 non member

“Suffering from Stress?”Have you had a massage over 100 times and still have pain?
After the massage, you will learn self-healing techniques to help you sustain a healthy body.

Feeling stiffness in your NECK, SHOULDERS, UPPER BACK or JAW?

A stiff neck can limit blood and oxygen flow to your brain.
“Are you suffering with migraines, feel fatigued easily or having problems remembering where you put your keys?”
Fred is an expert in relieving stress-related stiffness and pain.
With his calm energy and caring mind, Fred will help you relax deeply and refresh your body and mind, as well as learn techniques to maintain that feeling.
You will be provided with a customized session according to your condition.

For more information, please call 201-784-5575 ( #1 for front desk , #2 for a consultant)



3. Yoga Membership Event
The holiday season is coming!  Get the gift of health for your loved ones!


In celebration of CGI Holistic Fitness & Spa’s 16th anniversary (Offer valid until 10/31/14)
Membership expires 6 months after date of purchase

Fee: $99 + tax  (Total value: $420.44 - 75% off regular price)

Membership Includes:
- 1 month Energy Yoga ($182 value)
- 1 month ($14.95 value)
- 3 private sessions (30 min each, $200 value)
- 1 Bird of the Soul book ($23.49)



4. The Alexander Technique - Poor Posture and Inefficient Movement Habits

Do you have…?

- Back pain and decreased spinal alignment
- Joint stiffness especially in shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles
- Decreased range of motion and ease of movement
- Acute or chronic pain conditions
- Breathing problems due to poor posture and compression of lungs and other organs
- Migraine headaches and decreased mental focus
- Symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, and excessive stress

Inefficient movement habits caused by excessive muscular strain, increased tension and overusing muscles may create added layers of tension in your body and mind.  As a result, you develop poor posture and ineffective movement habits which can contribute to developing unhealthy short term or long term medical and emotional conditions.  Fortunately, there is another way:  With the help of a trained and certified teacher, sessions in the Alexander Technique help you cultivate greater awareness of your current physical and mental condition.


  • Therapist: Linda Rosenberg
  •  Availability:  Wednesday- 7:30pm-830pm, 8:30pm-9:30pm
                              Friday- 6:30pm-7:30pm, 7:30pm-8:30pm, 8:30pm-9:30pm
  • Fee: Single session (50 mins) $130
  • New Launch Promotion: Valid until 10/25/14.
    - 8 session package for $880 ($160 savings)
    - 4 session package for $460 ($60 savings)

For more information, please call 201-784-5575 ( #1 for front desk , #2 for a consultant)



5. Live Young, Love Your Life. 

Age Gracefully Together!
Sign up for ONE, bring ANOTHER person FREE.

$1,200 for 12 weeks session

For more information, please call 201-784-5575 ( #1 for front desk , #2 for a consultant)




6. ’Group Aqua Healing Ki-gong’ with Jonathan Martinez


Twice/week (morning and evening classes available)

1 package of 5 sessions*

- Non member price: $300 (savings of $200)
- Member price: $150 (savings of $100)

Private session is available upon request*
*Fee is subject to change

For more information, please call 201-784-5575 ( #1 for front desk , #2 for a consultant)




7. ’Bird of the Soul’ promotion

Chakra/Life Particle healing + Magnet Meditation for 30 minutes for $30

This $30 is a donation to the Bird of the Soul Book Drive